Commercial Point, Ohio: A Suburban Oasis in the Midwest

Welcome to Commercial Point, Ohio, a vibrant and fast-growing community nestled in the heart of Pickaway County. This charming village, with its rich history and welcoming atmosphere, offers both residents and visitors an exceptional blend of rural charm and suburban convenience. As a suburb of Columbus, it provides easy access to urban amenities while maintaining its unique small-town character. With an inviting mix of affordability, safety, and excellent education options, Commercial Point serves as an attractive destination for families and young professionals alike. Whether you’re here for a visit or planning to make this your home, you’re bound to fall in love with the friendly faces, picturesque landscapes, and the sense of community that Commercial Point embodies.

About Commercial Point

Commercial Point is a prosperous community that is growing at a remarkable pace. Its growth rate sets it apart as one of the fastest-growing villages in central Ohio. The village has a unique charm, boasting a mix of rural tranquility and flourishing development that’s hard to find elsewhere. With its population standing at 3,078 according to the 2020 census, Commercial Point has managed to maintain a close-knit community feel, making it an ideal location for those seeking a balance between small-town living and big-city amenities.

Despite its rapid growth, Commercial Point has retained its laid-back, rural atmosphere. It’s a place where residents can enjoy the peace and calm of country living, with wide-open spaces and scenic landscapes, without sacrificing the conveniences of city life. Being a suburb of Columbus, OH, the village is just a short drive away from the city’s bustling downtown area, offering residents easy access to a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. This blend of quiet, rural living with easy access to urban amenities makes Commercial Point a desirable place to live.

History of Commercial Point

The history of Commercial Point dates back to 1829 when Wiley H. Beckett first settled on a 238-acre tract west of the present village. The community was initially divided into two towns, Genoa, and Rome, laid out by Beckett and James H. Burnley respectively. As the towns expanded, they merged into one, with Genoa incorporating Rome when it was incorporated in 1851. In 1872, the village was renamed Commercial Point.

Why People Love Commercial Point, OH

Residents love Commercial Point for its rural charm, excellent public schools, and the strong sense of community among its residents. It’s a place where families and young professionals thrive, with most residents owning their homes. The village also boasts a lower crime rate and a higher quality of life compared to many other places. Additionally, the village’s steady economic growth offers ample job opportunities, contributing to its low unemployment rate. With a higher-than-average education level, it’s a hub for intellectual engagement and innovation. The wide array of recreational facilities and community events throughout the year further enhances the vibrant community spirit that makes Commercial Point so special.

Best Time to Visit

Commercial Point, OH, is a delight to visit any time of the year. However, to experience the best of the village’s weather, consider visiting during the spring or fall.

Top 10 Benefits of Living in Commercial Point

  1. Strong sense of community
  2. Excellent public schools
  3. Low crime rates
  4. High median household income
  5. Proximity to Columbus, OH
  6. Affluent yet affordable housing
  7. Rural charm with suburban convenience
  8. Fast-growing community
  9. Higher percentage of adults with bachelor’s degrees or higher
  10. Young and vibrant population

Geography and Location

Nestled at a latitude of 39.7684 N and a longitude of 83.0571 W, Commercial Point is an inviting haven for those seeking a balance between rural tranquility and urban convenience. The village spans a total area of 1.13 square miles, all land, providing residents with ample space to explore, live, work, and play. This generous expanse of land allows for spacious residential areas, vibrant commercial spaces, and recreational parks that add to the community’s charm. Its location also offers easy access to major highways, making commuting to nearby cities a breeze.

The terrain of Commercial Point is predominantly flat, creating an ideal landscape for various outdoor activities such as cycling, running, and leisurely walks. The village’s parks and green spaces further amplify its appeal for outdoor enthusiasts, offering scenic spots for picnics, family gatherings, and sports. While there are no significant bodies of water within the village itself, its location doesn’t leave water enthusiasts wanting. Several rivers and lakes encircle Commercial Point, all within a short driving distance. These offer excellent opportunities for fishing, boating, or simply enjoying the serene beauty of waterside settings.

Nearby Cities

Here are 10 of the incredible cities near Commercial Point, Ohio:

  1. Pleasant Corners – 9 Miles
  2. Grove City – 9.7 Miles
  3. Urbancrest – 11 Miles
  4. Hamilton Meadows – 11.2 Miles
  5. Obetz – 13.6 Miles
  6. Columbus – 17.3 Miles
  7. Galloway – 18.6 Miles
  8. Upper Arlington – 21.2 Miles
  9. Hilliard – 25.5 Miles
  10. Dublin – 29.4 Miles

Immerse yourself in the heartland’s charm by exploring Commercial Point, Ohio, a village that beautifully encapsulates the spirit of rural America while offering all the comforts and conveniences of suburban living. As you stroll down its friendly streets, you’ll be captivated by the sense of community that permeates every corner. From the welcoming smiles of the locals to the well-kept homes and lush green spaces, it’s evident that this is a place where people take pride in their surroundings and care for their neighbors. The village’s blend of rural tranquility and modern amenities make it an irresistible destination for those seeking a high quality of life away from the hustle and bustle of city living. Whether you’re considering a visit or looking for a peaceful place to call home, Commercial Point, Ohio, extends a warm invitation for you to discover its unique charm and character.

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