Reynoldsburg, Ohio: A Suburban Gem

Nestled in the heart of Ohio lies a little-known gem – Reynoldsburg. A suburban community within the Columbus metropolitan area, Reynoldsburg is a city that offers a unique blend of small-town charm and urban convenience. With a population of 41,076 as per the 2020 census, it’s a place where you can enjoy a sense of community while being close to the bustling city life of Columbus.

About Reynoldsburg

Reynoldsburg, spread across Fairfield, Franklin, and Licking counties, is more than just a suburb of Columbus. Today, it’s a thriving community. This city seamlessly combines the tranquility of suburban living with the vibrancy of urban life. Reynoldsburg is characterized by its welcoming neighborhoods, quality educational institutions, and numerous recreational facilities. The city is home to several parks and green spaces, allowing residents and visitors alike to enjoy a range of outdoor activities.

The city stands out for its strong sense of community, evident in the numerous local events and festivals held throughout the year. From the annual Tomato Festival to neighborhood gatherings, the spirit of camaraderie is palpable in Reynoldsburg. The city is also known for its diverse housing options, catering to various lifestyles and budgets. Whether it’s the more premium residences in the northeast or the affordable homes in the southeast, Reynoldsburg offers something for everyone. Coupled with its economic opportunities and above-average public schools, it’s no wonder Reynoldsburg is a sought-after destination for families and young professionals alike.

Reynoldsburg OH History

Reynoldsburg’s history is as rich and diverse as the city itself. Founded in 1831 by John French, it was initially known as Frenchtown to honor its founder. French, an entrepreneur from Pennsylvania, bought the land that is now Reynoldsburg and laid out the town. The city, however, didn’t retain this name for long. When John C. Reynolds, a local merchant, set up his store in Frenchtown, the city experienced significant growth. In recognition of his contribution, the city was renamed Reynoldsburg.

A significant event in Reynoldsburg’s history is its claim to being “The Birthplace of the Tomato.” This title is attributed to Alexander W. Livingston, who started the first-ever commercial tomato breeding program in the 19th century. Livingston’s successful development of a stable, commercial variety, the Paragon Tomato, marked a turning point in Reynoldsburg’s history. Today, the city celebrates its tomato heritage with the annual Tomato Festival, drawing visitors from near and far, and serving as a reminder of the city’s unique past.

Why Residents and Visitors Alike Flock to Reynoldsburg

People love Reynoldsburg for its vibrant community and the dense suburban feel, creating an environment that seamlessly blends relaxation with excitement. The city is home to many parks, providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, and fostering a strong connection between its residents and nature. It’s a city preferred by families and young professionals, with public schools that are above average, making it an ideal locale for nurturing future generations.

The northeast parts of the city are highly sought after, offering more premium housing options and a sense of exclusivity. These neighborhoods, with their well-maintained homes and manicured landscapes, offer a high standard of living. Meanwhile, the southeast regions offer more affordable homes, making Reynoldsburg a city that caters to different lifestyle needs and budgets. This diversity in housing ensures that everyone, from first-time homebuyers to those looking to upgrade, can find a place that suits their needs in Reynoldsburg.

Best Time to Visit Reynoldsburg

The best time to visit Reynoldsburg is during the annual Tomato Festival in August. It’s a time when the city comes alive with festivities, and you can truly experience the community spirit that makes Reynoldsburg so special.

Top 10 Benefits of Living in Reynoldsburg

  1. Affordable Housing: The median house price in Reynoldsburg is $179,978, significantly lower than the US median.
  2. Quality Education: The city’s public schools rank above average.
  3. Rich History: From being the birthplace of the commercial tomato to its origins as Frenchtown, Reynoldsburg has a rich history.
  4. Vibrant Community: The city’s annual Tomato Festival is a testament to its strong community spirit.
  5. Outdoor Activities: With many parks within the city, there’s always something to do outdoors.
  6. Favorable Location: Being a suburb of Columbus, residents enjoy urban conveniences while living in a suburban community.
  7. Diverse Housing Options: From premium homes in the northeast to more affordable options in the southeast, there’s something for everyone.
  8. Young Population: With a median age of 37.84, Reynoldsburg is a city with a youthful vibe.
  9. Economic Opportunities: With a median household income of $66,243, the city offers ample economic opportunities.
  10. Safe Neighborhoods: The northeast parts of the city are known for lower crime rates and a higher quality of life.

Reynoldsburg’s Geography

Reynoldsburg spans a total area of 11.24 square miles, with 11.16 square miles of land and 0.08 square miles of water. It is graced by the Blacklick Creek that flows through the city, adding to its natural beauty. The presence of the creek not only enhances the city’s landscape but also provides a serene spot for residents to enjoy the outdoors.

Located at latitude 39.9548° N, and longitude 82.8121° W, Reynoldsburg is conveniently close to nationally recognized cities like Columbus. This prime location allows residents to enjoy the perks of city life, while still maintaining the comfort and community feel of a smaller town. Its proximity to Columbus also opens up a plethora of job opportunities for the residents, making it an ideal place for both work and leisure.

The terrain is predominantly flat, typical of the Midwestern United States, making it easy for travel and construction. This characteristic landscape lends itself well to various recreational activities, such as cycling and jogging. Moreover, the flat terrain eases the construction process, facilitating the development of diverse housing options that Reynoldsburg is known for.

Nearby Cities

Along with Columbus, Reynoldsburg is near several other great Ohio cities including:

  1. Brice – 4.7 Miles
  2. Whitehall – 4.8 Miles
  3. New Albany – 9.7 Miles
  4. Gahanna – 10 Miles
  5. Groveport – 10.3 Miles
  6. Bexley – 11 Miles
  7. Columbus – 12.5 Miles
  8. Grandview Heights – 16.4 Miles
  9. Westerville – 16.9 Miles
  10. Upper Arlington – 19 Miles

So, whether you’re a local resident, a potential visitor, or someone considering moving to a new city, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, has something to offer everyone. Come and explore this suburban gem in the heart of Ohio!

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